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Currency UK


Currency UK is a London based company, founded in 2000, which has made it big in the foreign exchange industry. Even though it’s not a very large company, it’s well rated by its customers. On Trustpilot, about 980 customers have given the company an average rating of 9.8/10, speaking volumes of their creditability, experience and service. Like their competitors, they too offer services to individuals and corporates dealing in more than 40 different currencies.

Currency UK does not have any minimum or maximum transaction limit but they do charge a transfer fee of £15 for transactions amounting less than £5,000. This works out to be quite expensive as compared to its competitors, for transactions with smaller values. But they do offer a good exchange rate, which makes dealing with them pretty lucrative for the customers. Definitely a go to if you are dealing with large values, especially for corporates. The verification system of Currency UK is also stricter than most of other providers as they need 2 proofs of address from separate sources.

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Founded: 2000
Headquarters: London, UK
Offices: UK
Regulated by: FCA
Trading channels: email, telephone

reviews on TRUSTPILOT


9.8/10 Excellent

Currency UK Key Features

Pay-in Options bank transfer
Recipient’s Options bank account
Min Transfer Amount no min amount, recommend £5,000
Max Transfer Amount no max amount
Speed most transfers are completed in 1-2 days
Transfer Fees £15 flat fee below £5,000; free above £5,000
Exchange Rate better exchange rates than bank or other alternatives
Currencies Available 41 currencies

Currency UK Review

Transfer Fees

Currency UK charges a flat fee of £15 for all transfers less than £5,000. However, they don’t charge any fees for those who want to transfer over £5,000.

There is a Regular Payment Service available allowing customers to make transfer monthly for their foreign mortgages, pensions, salaries, rental incomes and more. For these clients, Currency UK requires a min transfer amount of £500 per month. And the transfer fee is very reasonable, only at £5 per month per occurrence.

Exchange Rate

Currency UK claims to offer you better exchange rates than your bank or other providers. This could be varied depending on volume and currencies they trade. Typically, they can save you up to 1.27% more than the best rates at banks you can get.

Delivery Speed

Transfer speed is as fast as some giants like Western Union or MoneyGram, not in minutes though. Same day delivery is available for major currencies (USD, CAD, EUR). For most popular currencies, you can expect to get paid the next day. In short, most transfers can be completed in 1 to 2 days.

User Experience

Currency UK uses a very strict verification system before you can trade with them. Besides 1 proof of identity, they require 2 proofs of address from different sources. On the right corner of homepage, they feature a live exchange rate calculator for anyone to use without register. This is significantly convenient to check rates before you start a transaction. The help pages and FAQs located in both header and footer are very helpful, answering all the relevant questions. If you have any unclear questions and need for help, you can reach them by live chat, email and telephone. One major drawback is that they don’t provide dashboard for individual account, which means you can only trade with them by phone or email. The other is they don’t have mobile app.

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Currency UK Pros and Cons

  • offer better exchange rates than banks

  • no max amount – send as more as you want

  • small minimum transfer amount

  • helpful support: live chat, email, phone

  • no mobile app

  • no dashboard for individual account

  • high transfer fee for small amount

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